Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011 Calibers Indoor Range

There are just some days when you need to burn some gun powder.  Last week I had one of those days and my friend, Keith, had just the solution;  a trip to Calibers Gun Range.  Although I'd heard about Calibers quite a bit I'd never gone. That was a mistake. What a great place!  
Since this was my first visit I had to watch a brief safety video. After the video we paid for a couple lanes, $15 for unlimited range time, and bought a couple targets.  Calibers has guns for rent and ammo for sale but we were covered in those areas.  Ear plugs were plugged and eye protection was donned and the shooting commenced.  With each trigger pull the stress of the day lessened and after a box of bullets all was right with the world!  Having a tough day?  Head on over to Calibers. 

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