Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011 Miss!

150 grains of lead traveled a little over 2900 fps (feet per second) when it left the barrel of my 30-06.  Sixty yards from the ground blind in which my buddy, Keith, and I kept vigil, a plump Wilkes County doe stood munching browse.  Piece of cake! Um, wrong.  She did a 180 and bounded into the woods, unscathed.  My pride however was mortally wounded.  
Any miss, especially one with a modern centerfire rifle, is hard to take. So rather than focusing on my whiff and the remaining void on the shelves of the family freezer, I'm going to think about what an enjoyable time in the woods it was.  Any time you can be in the beautiful Carolina mountains, hunting adjacent to a running stream, hanging out with a dear friend and all along your phone says No Service is a good day.  Let the ribbing and goodnatured hazing begin.  I missed but I had a great time doing so.