Saturday, March 28, 2009

3.28.09 High Rock Fishing

I’d checked the weather forecast at least a hundred times in the last three days. Every forecast I checked called for at least 70% rain on Saturday morning. My friend, Joel, was in town for the week and he wanted to wet a line. Saturday was the only available time on his jam packed schedule and we were praying for some favorable weather to catch some bass and crappie. Greg had his Ranger fueled and our tackle boxes, rods and reels were at the ready. Now we needed to catch a break in the rain and God shined His favor down us at just the last minute. It was sprinkling a bit before bedtime but we decided if it wasn’t a torrential downpour we’d give it a shot.

Around 5 our alarm, and a stiff kick from my better half, woke me up. I checked the forecast and looked out the window…no rain. An hour later we were half way to High Rock but not before stopping at Bojangles for a biscuit.

Due to an afternoon appointment we only had a limited amount of time to fish. So for the next three hours we did our best to fill the livewell. Six bass made the mistake of hitting our lures and all were quickly returned to the murky water, after having their picture taken.

The highlight of the day, aside getting to do something I love to do, fish, while hanging out with two great friends, was the special appearance of two beavers, apparently in the middle of their spring time courtship. They spent the better part of thirty minutes swimming within close proximity of Greg’s Ranger, putting on a display that I will never forget.