Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011 New Bow, Zero Balance

Mark finishing up The Mission
While we were still living overseas my wife, knowing I was going through outdoors withdrawals, gave me a new bow, or at least some money to put one on layway. So after a bit of internet research I contacted Mark Brady at Adrenaline Outdoors in Sanford, NC.  I'm not sure how many bows Mark has sold to guys in the Middle East but he acted like it was no big deal, going way out of his way to accommodate my request.  I couldn't wait to get down to Sanford to pick it up.  
Well last week the stars aligned and we headed down to pick it up.  When we walked in the shop Mark was putting the finishing touches on it. Here's what I ended up with:
Mission Venture
Fuse Axium stab
Extreme Challenger site
Mission 5-arrow quiver
Beeman Hunter 400 arrows
G5 Montecs
Nockturnals (bought 3 to try 'em out) 
Adrenaline Outdoors
He finished everything, double checked it and said "You're all set."  So we walked up to the counter to pay the final installment.  My better half asked if I wanted her to write a check but I said maybe we should put it on my credit card so we could get the points.  Mark said, "You can just stop right there.  You can't pay anything else on this bow."  "What?" I said, completely confused.  "Rusty has taken care of it so you have a zero balance," he said.  Stunned, the only words I could think of was, "That jerk!"  One of my best friends, who just happened to be the one that talked me into buying my first bow, the one I was replacing, nearly 15 years ago had called down to the shop and paid the remaining balance on my bow.  I love doing stuff like that for folks but am not use to it happening to me.  He got me good.  On the way home I called Rusty and told him I was putting a new truck on layaway!  We both laughed like little boys.
This bow buying experience is something I will remember the rest of my life and treasure as long as I draw breath.  Not only because of the going-beyond-the-call-of-duty service I received from a complete stranger and the completely selfless blessing from a dear friend but because of the wonderful feeling it brought to walk up to the counter and be told my balance was zero.  
It brings to mind another event, nearly 2000 years ago, when Someone out of selfless love for me (and you) paid a debt I was unable to pay.  All I had to do was accept the gift and my balance was brought to zero.  Nothing beats that.  Not even a brand new, killer bow. 
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 ESV

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Anonymous said...

Just found this old post when searching for bow shops in NC. I loved it. Great little story and great wrap up to bring folks attention to Christ. Thanks for posting it all those months ago, it keeps blessing.