Monday, September 3, 2007

9.02.07 Little Boys/Little Pond Redux

The weekend's cooler temperatures and the cancellation of evening Church services due to the holiday, necessitated a little father/son fishing adventure. Mark and his son, Bailey, Joel and his boy, Yusef (and daughter, Mercy) and me with my two little fellas, Si and Zane headed to Mark's little honey hole with some fishing poles and a tub full of nightcrawlers.
We arrived right at dusk, an ideal time for angling. Zane and I walked onto the pier first and in two shakes, his hook was baited and his bobber was floating on the pond's dark green surface. It only floated five seconds before disappearing beneath the water. Zane shrieked and began reeling like a madman. When he had it up to the dock I grabbed the line and hoisted his catch up. A nice little bass.
I picked another worm out of the bucket and rebaited. "Splash," and his bobber was bobbing once again. Seconds later it disappeared again. No hesitation, it was just there one second and gone the next. "I got one." Zane yelled but this time he forgot to reel. "Zane you've got to reel," snapped him to his senses and he began turning the handle on his Zebco like crazy. The sight of this fish, a healthy bream, being brought in sent the rest of our fisherman, who up to this point had been taking their time wetting their lines, into overdrive.

Si's orange bobber was the next to vanish. As he set the hook (read "began reeling furiously") line tore off his little reel and the rod nearly doubled over. This fish was not interested in being brought in and made a beeline for the pilings beneath the pier. My heart sank as I saw him wrap around a submerged brace. In slow motion I saw the worm and hook drop from his mouth. Fourtnately the hook stuck in his gill plate and held fast allowing the bass to be maneuvered from his quandry and lipped by an exhuberant little boy and one very proud father.

We rebaited and cast Si's line back to the same spot. Unbelievably, moments later, his bobber was gone again. Si had walked over to get something from the tackle box when this violent strike occurred. I was happy to set the hook and attempt to help my boy land HIS catch. I couldn't believe it, this was another dandy fish. As the line was pouring off Si's little rod I was trying to remember what pound test line I'd loaded it with. We were fearful this fish was more than my boy's rod & reel could handle. Everything held and we were able to drag another beautiful bass up on the shore. Sometimes lightning does strike twice.

Next to act was Yusef. His bobber began to dance and then submerged. He reeled his little heart out but the fish let go. The poor little fella was downcast, as only a fisherman who loses his catch can be, but kept at it. Finally he had another strike and this time the hook stayed true. Joel grabbed the line and swung Yusef's trophy over the pier railings. Their excitement was matched by little sister, Mercy, and everyone as we celebrated Yusef's fine catch.

The last to connect was Bailey. He's fished patiently the entire time but had yet to land a fish. Finally, just at last light his bobber took off and he was able to set the hook. It was a small bream but it was a welcomed catch nonetheless. He dropped the panfish back into the water and we packed up our equipment and headed back to Mark's place. We were mosquito bit, sweaty and tired but everyone was happy with yet another successful trip to the little pond.

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