Thursday, August 5, 2010

08.05.10 Dream Build

One of the things I miss most about being out of the states is shooting my bow. Usually this time of year I am shooting 10-20 arrows per night at 3-d targets set up in various locations in the backyard. 20 yards from the top step of the deck to the deer by the fence. 15 yards to the black bear beside the maple tree. 30 yards to the feeding doe next to the chicken coop. 10 yards to the block target in front of the shed. Initially my goal was to be in proper form prior to the NC archery season. But it turned into a daily self-therapy session. Some days, no make that MOST days, I could use some of that mental detoxification.
I have done some asking and scoured the internet looking for archery shops and clubs here but have thus far struck out. Even if I find something I would say it's near impossible to get a bow through customs. My coping mechanism has become designing a new hunting rig to buy when we get back to the states. Here's what I've come up with thus far.  Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrows (white wraps with white blazers, tipped with Slick Tricks and I'd like to try lighted nocks for the first time), Custom Braided Sling and string leeches or cat whiskers and the items below:
Mission Eliminator II with M5 Quiver
Octane Hostage Pro Rest
Sword Twilight Hunter Sight
Limbsaver Modular Stabilizer

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