Saturday, June 19, 2010

6.18.2010 Survival

It's been almost a year since I accepted a new career path and we packed up everything and moved overseas. We love our new home but hunting and fishing opportunities are nonexistent and to be honest I am having outdoor withdrawals. It's interesting, sometimes pathetic even, some of the measures I have taken to cope with this malady. Below are some examples:
  • We bought an aquarium for our apartment. Some days I will stare at the fish for hours at a time, wondering what lures, tippet sizes, etc. it would take to catch one.
  • We visited a local zoo in town. I spent 45 minutes making clucks and purrs trying to entice a couple toms to gobble.  The locals thought I was crazy.  The toms fell in love.
  • I took possession of my boys' Wii for a week and spent an hour or so each night chasing prey on their Cabelas hunting game.  My thumbs are still swollen. 
  • Our satellite has a channel that shows fishing infomericals 24/7. I have them all Italian.
  • My Bone Collectors, Realtree Roadtrips, Trout Bum Diaries and Duck Commander DVD's have been watched so many times the grooves on the discs are almost worn smooth.
  • I found an outdoor magazine, written in English (real English...from England) only to find out it contained an article on skinny dipping, complete with pictures, once I got it home.  The missus censored it with a pair of sharp scissors.
  • We have some doves that hang out around the house.  I have them patterned just in case the government lifts the ban on BB guns and casting nets. 
If you have some tips for surviving long term absences from the outdoors be sure to send an email or post a comment!  In the meantime pray for me to cope!

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