Friday, May 8, 2009

5.07.09 Roanoake Rapids Striper Quest

On Wednesday my two oldest boys, Si and Zane, and I headed over to Weldon for a little striper fishing. We stayed at the Days Inn to give it more of an "away" feel (and so daddy didn't have to get them up at 2:30am to be at the ramp by 6). Words cannot express how excited they were to not only go fishing but also to get to skip school to go fishing. Is there really such a thing as a truancy officer?
A friend, Dick Jones, and his new best friend, Larry, a beautiful fox color Labrador retriever, were our hosts for the day. Although rainy weather was on the forecast (we did get sprinkled on a couple times) it was a perfect day on the water. Between the four anglers we caught 40-50 fish and the boys had a blast. I am so grateful for folks like Dick that take my boys and I on these adventures. I hope they will always remember these days in the outdoor with dad. I'm sure I will.

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